WZZM 13 Features SoundOff Signal in Made in Michigan Series

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Our local news station, WZZM 13 just featured SoundOff Signal in Made in Michigan series. In the short, two minute clip, Steve Zaagman explains who SoundOff Signal is, showcases our manufacturing facility, highlights the impact we’ve had on West Michigan jobs, and details how we set ourselves apart in our industry.

As Zaagman describes, SoundOff designs and produces emergency and construction vehicle lighting. We are a $50M per year business, employing about 220 people. Our president, Mark Litke, boasts in the interview that we’ve never had a layoff, or reduction in benefits. He explains that while our company has established itself as an innovator and world leader in the emergency lighting industry, it is our personal customer service that sets us apart. And as Litke so eloquently and accurately puts it, “that’s the West Michigan ethic.”

Michigan has been a leader in manufacturing and product innovation since the automotive industry took off in the 1920s. The people of Michigan take great pride in that heritage, which shows through in the quality of our products. SoundOff’s pristine 80,000 square foot production facility in Hudsonville is featured in the video, along with an interview with our Production Manager, Greg Leatherman who discusses some of our products and shares about the custom orders we build for the FBI and homeland security.

The collective pride of the people who work here really shines through. Leatherman, who has been with SoundOff for 10 years, explains that our people take extra care in the making of our products because we know that they may actually save lives someday. The interview wraps up with Leatherman and a group of production workers holding some of the products they make, and chanting together, “we are SoundOff Signal, and we are proud to be made in Michigan.”

Zaagman closes out his segment joking with viewers that the best way to see our products is to, “just get pulled over; chances are, those police lights are from here.” A big thanks to the team at WZZM 13 for its great feature of SoundOff Signal in Made in Michigan–watch the clip below.

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