“How to” Overview on the mPower Fascia Quick Clip Installation and Removal

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The mPower Fascia light is the first tricolor line of emergency lighting on the market that’s complete with first generation material technology. SoundOff Signal’s mPower Fascia uses Clear Duty technology to create powerful head on and off-angle illumination. Its clean design allows it to visually blend into the structure of today’s police vehicles while still providing 360 degree multi-zone coverage. The silicone material is also well versed for function in all weather conditions making it ideal for emergency vehicles in all climates.

mPower Fascia light

Fascia’s design and multiple mounting options allow it to be placed nearly anywhere on a vehicle body. Lighting options are also versatile in application and include quick mount, screw mount, and stud mount versions. 90 degree adjustable brackets are also available to accommodate additional lighting applications for a higher mount for angled visibility.

The Installation Process

Although there are multiple ways to mount the mPower Fascia, one of the most interesting and functional qualities the light offers is to be installed without drilling into the vehicle. This can be accomplished with 3M VHB adhesive and the quick clip. This is an excellent installation process to use if the emergency vehicle will eventually be resold since there won’t be any visible marks once removed. Following these guidelines can help walk you through the proper way to install and remove the mPower Fascia light with the quick clip mounting function (most often used for side lights).

Feel free to follow along with our installation video for an additional visual aid for installation and removal instructions above as well.

Clean the Clip

mPower Fascia quick clipYou’ll first want to clean the clip surface with either 50% isopropyl alcohol and 50% deionized water or with a standard lense wipe.

Remove the Adhesive Liner

mPower Fascia quick clip

You’ll then want to remove the adhesive liner on the light and attach the clip to the light by properly aligning the two, then placing the clip onto the light. Once contact has been made, apply pressure to the lense for 30 seconds or more. This will help secure the adhesion onto the clip.

Hide the Wire

mPower Fascia quick clip

Once attached, feed the wires into the quick connect clip opening. This will hide and store as much slack from the wiring as possible.

Apply the Light

mPower Fascia quick clip

Set the Fascia light down in a safe area to begin prepping the contact point on the vehicle. Use the same alcohol and water formula or lense cleaner wipe to clean the vehicle’s surface area. Once clean, you may apply the light onto the surface and align it to the desired location. When the light has been adjusted and aligned, remove the adhesive backer by pulling the strip away from the light.  

To finish the installation, apply uniform pressure to the surface of the light for 30 seconds or more. Be sure to apply the same amount of pressure evenly across the full face of the light to eliminate lense compression. The mPower Fascia light should now be mounted properly on your emergency vehicle without any drilling needed.

The Removal Process

With the 3M adhesive backing of the quick clip, not only is the hold extremely durable, but when it’s properly removed there won’t be any markings left over on the vehicle. When you are ready to remove the Fascia light fixture you will need the following items to complete the process:

mPower Fascia removal tools

  • – Heat gun

  • – 3M adhesive cleaner

  • – Drill and 3M rubber wheel

  • – 30 weight fishing line

  • – Clean cloth

Apply Heat

mPower Fascia removal

Once you’ve collected the tools necessary for light removal on a quick clip mount, take the heat gun and adjust it to the lowest heat setting. Apply heat evenly to the entire light until the Fascia light is hot to the touch. Be cautious not to hold the gun in one spot for too long or hold it too close to the vehicle. Doing so can cause damage to the paint and to other parts of the car.

Cut the Adhesive

mPower Fascia removal

Then take the 30 weight fishing line and hold each end taught at about 6 inches in width. Then cut the adhesive between the vehicle’s body surface and the light, be mindful to not mistakenly cut between the clip and the light. When cutting, begin at the bottom and move upward on the light toward the center in a saw-like motion. Avoid making contact with any wiring then repeat from the opposite end.

Remove Leftover Adhesive

mPower Fascia removal

You can then remove the light from the vehicle once it’s cut fully through. Once removed, you can use your 3M rubber wheel to remove the leftover adhesive from the body surface. Apply less pressure when removing from plastic or other fragile surfaces. Remove the majority of the adhesive by making light contact with the wheel and the adhesive.

Wipe Clean

mPower Fascia removal

Once most of the adhesive has been scraped off, the adhesive remover will do the rest of the job. Spray the canned adhesive remover directly on the cloth then apply the cloth to the vehicle surface. Wipe until the finish is clean, and the removal will be complete without any visible markings left.

Available in three and four-inch options, the mPower Fascia quick connect light allows fleet managers to confidently install the light to just about anywhere on the vehicle. The quick connect clip can be attached without the need to drill holes into the surface of the vehicle, but for other mounting options the stud mount and screw mount options are available.

Backed by a 5 year warranty, the mPower Fascia delivers the durability that fleet managers demand. To purchase, contact a dealer near you or let us direct you to the right place.