Ignition Security System

  • Easy to install and designed to be compatible with different vehicles 
  • Quick installation by use of quick connect "T-tap" connectors
  • Connectors allow for quick replacement/removal of the ignition security system
  • Allows the vehicle to stay running when the key is removed from the ignition switch
  • Brake pedal and shift lever movement disables the ignition security system and stops the engine (sounds horn if connected)
  • Over-ride simply deactivates by turning the key to the run position and depressing brake
  • Automatic low voltage detection will activate the horn to provide notification of vehicle problems
  • Additional universal output provides normally open or normally closed contact for starter disable, gun lock disable, camera record, etc. 
  • Includes illuminated remote switch
  • Optional horn or siren alarm

Order Number

2007 Ignition Security System (I.S.S.)